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30 November 2013

Cover for "Daughter of Fire and Fate" is fairly complete. Have a look here. Click picture to read book's excerpt.

10 July 2013

"Daughter of Fire and Fate"

21 June 2013

After a discussion with peeps on my Facebook page, I've decided to keep the entire Dark Moon Trilogy in both paperback and e-format. Also, "Daughter of Fire and Fate" will be given its own page soon, and the prologue from this last book in the Dark Moon Trilogy will be published there. Other various linkage will also be added as I update my website. Have a happy summer!

23 April 2013

Working on finishing up "Daughter of Fire and Fate." Aiming for year's end for publication. This book will not be available as a paperback. It has become glaringly obvious that the ink-and-paper formats of my books are not being bought unless I am out hand selling them. I don't appear to have a place to sell them in peace these days (due to ill luck and territorial pissings and such; don't ask), so digital shall all my future titles be. The first two books in the Dark Moon Trilogy shall be available as ink-and-paper books throughout this year and part of next. After which, digital solely shall they be.

26 September 2012

Wow, was I in a glum mood in August or what? Comes with being wacky and having a brain that either goes a million miles an hour or 0.00000001 mph. Anyway, I took a wild leap and have a "Spacebook" page, all for my rambling, goofy million-miles-an-hour thoughts along with updates on what I'm writing, publication dates, etc., etc. I visited quite a few author pages (on Facebook and Twitter) recently that were nothing but politics, and that's too much drama for me these days. So, no religion or politics will be discussed on my page. I'm gonna have fun with this. What's life without a little fun? Link here or above.

30 August 2012

Everything seems so far these days. One minute. One mile. It all equates with a walk to the moon. And nothing feels right. Writing in progress, however. While I won't give any firm dates as to when "Daughter of Fire and Fate" will be released, I'm thinking somewhere along early spring or late winter 2013, maybe sooner, maybe later. Depending, depending...

3 June 2012

Got some more poems up. Link above. Now, time to go play in my garden.

15 May 2012

Happy, happy. Joy, joy.


In celebration of my birthday, which is on Valentine's Day, Daughter of Earth and Tree will be available as a free Kindle download on 14 February 2012, starting at about 12 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. Happy love day. Don't forget to share the love! Tell your friends to grab a free Kindle copy of this book. Free grab ends with love day. Make your Kindle happy. Feed it here!

9 December 2011

My books are now available in English Kindle format in Spain, Italy, Denmark, and France. A big thanks to Amazon.com and that remarkable e-reader of theirs. Also, my "Strange Facts File" went extinct. Hate it when an endemic species bites the dust like that!

Happy whatever it is you celebrate at this time of year.


Be safe with your tricks and treats.

30 May 2011

I have come face to face with several readers of my books lately who seem a little disappointed in me because I haven't finished book three of my trilogy; that kind of disappointment makes me feel really good, by the way. I do apologize for the slowness involved in writing a book. Yet, rest assured that I am working on "Daughter of Fire and Fate." I'm not getting as much done as I'd like, but here, very soon, I will be picking up the pace because my son's homeschool year will be finished around the end of June or beginning of July.

18 February 2011

The writer is writing.

15 December 2010

My books are now Nookbooks at Barnes and Noble.

30 November 2010

A short "About the Author" page has been added to this website. Link is up top.

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